You who chat with Pegasus can be completely anonymous. The staff at the chat is not allowed to tell any outsider what you've said. Conversations conducted through the chat are saved for tutoring and educational purposes so that we who work at Pegasus can make sure that the chat maintains a high quality. The staff keeps statistics of the topics discussed for the same reason. The conversations and the topics discussed can't be traced to you personally. You yourself choose how much you want to reveal about yourself in the conversations.

Apart from you being anonymous at Pegasus, both the website and the chat are encrypted. That makes it harder for people around you to see the history on your computer/mobile phone. If you want to feel even safer we recommend that you turn on private browsing or clear your Internet history after the chat is over.

We who work at the chat at Pegasus have no duty to report to police or social services since we are a non-governmental organisation. If something comes up during the conversation that we feel merits a report we will discuss this with you. We will not contact the social services or the police without your knowledge, and if you want us to contact them we do it in joint consultation with you. If a report is made it is only so that you will be able to get the support you're entitled to. A report can for example involve someone under 18 is being maltreated or a serious crime is being committed.