About sex for compensation

Sex for compensation means getting something in return for having sex. The compensation can be money, alcohol, drugs, a place to sleep or somewhere to live, travels, a mobile phone, refilling of a pay-as-you-go card, clothes or other things. The compensation has most often been decided beforehand, but not always. Sex for compensation can happen through meeting in a car, at a hotel, at someone's house or someplace else. It can also be about getting compensation for web cam-sex or posing in sexual images.

Sex for compensation is more common among young LGBTQ individuals than among those who follow the hetero norm. Many studies also show that slightly more boys than girls have experience of sex for compensation. At the same time there are many LGBTQ individuals and boys in general that don't have access to relevant support or who are unwilling to talk about their experiences.

Having sex for compensation can be something you've done once, a few times or for a long time. Experiences and needs vary greatly between different LGBTQ individuals who have sex for compensation. How you feel can also change over time. There are also many situations that can be categorized as grey areas. It can for example be times when a young individual is unsure of whether they've had sex with someone because it had advantages in the form for example alcohol or a place to sleep. In such a situation the compensation can be implicit, and there's a lack of a clear agreement. Instead there can be an expectation or an implicit demand.

The person having sex for compensation isn't doing anything illegal or criminal. But it's a criminal act to give compensation (buy sexual services) or accepting compensation for someone else to have sex (procuring). The one who buys sexual services or carries out procurement can be sentenced to prison or be fined. There is also a special legislation that is applied when the person who is to perform the sexual act is under 18 or 14 or younger. It's also prohibited to try and get people under 18 to pose for sexual images or in front of a web cam.