Information and support

Talk to someone

Do you need to talk to someone about what's happening in your life? You can for example turn to someone you trust or someone with professional secrecy. Maybe you want to talk to a friend, a parent, a youth recreation leader or a counsellor at a youth clinic? You yourself decide when, with who and exactly what you want to talk about. If you want to remain anonymous you can chat or e-mail your questions. If it's hard to address the issue with someone close to you, you can start by writing an e-mail or a text message.

Some think it's hard to reach out to talk about sex or sex for compensation. But once you start talking most people think it feels good to share what's happened to them with someone else.

You're welcome to chat with us or e-mail us at Pegasus: We listen, answer questions or refer you to someone if needed.

Places you can turn to

There are many places you can turn to depending on what you want to know more about or want help with. You can always e-mail or chat with us at Pegasus if you have any questions or if you think something is missing from the list. The list will grow over time.

Sex, health and testing

UMO: Read about sex, health and identity and find your nearest youth clinic

1177 Vårdguiden: Find a clinic to get tested or talk to someone

RFSL Rådgivningen Skåne: HIV tests with a quick result, counselling etc.

SMC Pilen: specialised sexual health clinic in Göteborg

Checkpoint Göteborg: HIV tests with a quick result

Testpoint Stockholm: HIV tests with a quick result

Röda Paraplyet: Health site for guys and trans people who have sex for compensation

Venhälsan Stockholm: For guys who have sex with guys and people who live with HIV

Gynekologisk hbt-mottagning Stockholm: For homo and bisexual girls and trans individuals of all genders

Sexperterna: Information and question bank for guys who have sex with guys

Support, chat or councelling

Mikamottagningen Göteborg 

Mikamottagningen Malmö

Mikamottagningen Stockholm

Stöd online: Support chat for people up to 25 

BRIS: Here you who are under 18 can chat or e-mail a counsellor

UMO: Find a counselor at your nearest youth clinic

Killfrågor: Chat support for guys who are 10-18 years old

RFSL Crime Victim Support: For LGBTQ individuals who have been subject to violence

Koll på soc: Information about the Swedish social services


Transformering – om trans och könsidentitet 
RFSL Ungdom 
Hbtqkojan: Your LGBTQ mentor online


Rose Alliance: Organisation for sex and erotica workers 
Nätverket PRIS: Network for people with experience of work in the sex industry