Getting compensation for sex

In Sweden it isn’t illegal to have sex and be compensated for it. It's never the one who is compensated for having sex who is doing something illegal. It's the person who gives or offers compensation for sex that's doing something illegal. It's also illegal to accept compensation for someone else having sex. That is called procuring. You, who have accepted compensation for sex, whether you've chosen it yourself or have been offered, have not done anything wrong or illegal.

”Law on buying sex”

In Sweden there's a law that criminalizes the buying of sexual acts. That law is often called "the law on buying sex". People who give or offer compensation for sex are in fact committing a crime. People who give compensation for sex can therefore be fined or sentenced to prison. A person who's said they will give compensation for sex but doesn't do so have also committed a crime.


It's illegal to make money from someone else having sex or facilitating for someone to have sex for compensation. An example of procuring is if one person accepts money for you having sex with someone else. The person who accepts the money has then broken the law on buying sex. It's also illegal to persuade or force someone to have sex for compensation. The law on procurement means that it's illegal to drive a person to someone who is going to pay for sex. It can be seen as facilitating or encouraging sex for compensation.

Police report

You can always report people who have given compensation or made money from you having sex with someone else to the police. Remember that it doesn't matter if you know the person/s that have given you compensation or made money from you having sex. It's always illegal, no matter what your relationship is. You can read about how you report someone to the police at UMO – ungdomsmottagningen på nätet. 

Under 18

There are special laws if you're under 18. If someone gives you compensation for sex, they're also committing a special crime. The crime is called "buying of sexual services from a child". If you're under 15 it's called "rape of a child" or "sexual exploitation of a child". The one who spreads or has sexual pictures of persons under 18 is guilty of child pornography crime. If you're under 18 and a person asks you to pose in front of a web cam, they are guilty of a crime. It's not you who are in the picture or poses in front of a web cam that is doing something illegal. It's the person who asks you to do it. Moreover, adults around you have a responsibility to react if they think harm is being done to you. That means that staff at schools or youth clinics is obligated to do something if they believe you feel very bad or have been subject to violence.