What is sex for compensation?


Sex for compensation means that you get something in exchange for having sex. The compensation can for example be money, alcohol, drugs, a place to sleep, clothes or travels. You might have agreed on the compensation in advance, but it can also be something you get without having talked about it. Sex can for example be vaginal (vaginal intercourse), anal (anal intercourse) or oral (oral sex). It can also be that you use your hands in various ways, for example masturbating in front of someone, masturbating for someone or that someone else touches your body. Sex can also be to show yourself sexually in a webcam or sending sexual images to someone. You yourself decide what sex is for you. It can also be that you don't define it as sex when someone gives you compensation.

Sometimes it can be hard to know if you had sex with someone just for the compensation. Maybe there was an unspoken agreement or an expectation that you'd have sex with a person because they treated you to something or offered you to spend the night. Remember that you never have to have sex because someone has given you something or offered you a place to sleep.

Having sex for compensation can be something you've done once, a few times or often. You may have done it more during a period of time and less during another. It can also be something you're thinking about or have been offered. Surveys show that many LGBTQ individuals have experience of sex for compensation. It can be good to know that you're not alone in having this experience. 

Reasons and experiences

There are many reasons to have sex for compensation. It can be about being in need of money or alcohol/drugs, being curious, or being talked into or forced to it. It can also be about being offered money for sex and accepting without thinking that much of it.

How you feel about having sex for compensation can be different for different people or from one time to another. How you feel can also change over time. Some people have positive experiences, some have negative. Most have both positive and negative experiences. Regardless of what experiences you have, you are not alone. The experiences can be different, and no emotion is "wrong". You have the right to feel what you feel. 

Sex for compensation or selling sex?

You yourself decide what words you want to use to describe what you do and what you have experienced. For example, some people call it "selling sex", yet others don't want to call it "sex". It varies from individual to individual. We at Pegasus have chosen to use "sex for compensation" in our texts, since it captures many different experiences, but we know that many people feel that there are other words that better describe their experiences.